Spring Update:  I will be moving between May-June.  

Therefore in order to maintain the quality/consistency of my lessons I will need to hold off on scheduling new students until May 1st.  Please contact me if you have questions.  Thank you, for your understanding and patience!  ~Gordon

Lesson Rates:

$35 – half-hour lesson

$50 – 45 minute lesson

$65 – Hour lesson

Tuition arrangements:

  • Students/Parents will take care of tuition on a monthly basis on the first scheduled lesson of the month.
  • Student’s monthly tuition amount will reflect the number of scheduled lessons for the month.
  • Students taking individual lessons may take care of payment before or on the day of their lesson.
  • I will pro-rate lessons in the event of a student/instructor conflict communicated at the beginning of month.
  • Tuition payment options:  Cash, personal checks, or Pay Pal.

Scheduling Lessons:

  • I schedule lessons on a regular weekly basis on the same day and time agreed upon by myself and the student/parent.
  • Student’s are also welcome to schedule intermittent lessons.  This works well for working adults and many of my students in the Summer.  Lesson times will be subject to my availability.
  • Please contact me to find out my current lesson availability.
  • Scheduling Conflicts/Cancellations: 
    • I do not provide refunds for missed or cancelled lessons. 
    • Make-up lessons may be rescheduled in the event of a student illness or if parents/students provide 24-hour prior notification of a cancellation. Make-up lessons are scheduled at the discretion of, myself, the instructor.  Sometimes the unexpected happens to each of our schedules.  I will generally strive to take into account the nature of the cancellation and the consistency of the student (showing up to their lesson regularly) when deciding on granting a make-up lesson.
    • Modifying Lesson times:  I will generally try to accommodate students/families with known upcoming lesson conflicts when brought to my attention in a timely matter.  Please contact me if you need to change your lesson time due to changes in your schedule (due to sports, school, family conflicts).  I will be happy to provide you with other lesson times as they are available in my schedule.
    • Instructor conflicts:  There will be times throughout the year where I will have a conflict with a scheduled lesson due to a performance or a family event.  In the event of a conflict on my end I will contact students/parents in advance so that we can schedule a different lesson time.  I will credit or prorate a student’s lesson tuition in the event we cannot find a suitable make-up lesson that works for the student.