Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar Lessons for Beginners A large majority of my students start guitar lessons on the acoustic guitar.  This is perhaps the most cost-effective way to begin lessons since all that is needed is a reasonably priced new or used… Continue Reading →

Electric Guitar

Electric Guitar Lessons for Beginners Many of my students begin lessons on the electric guitar.  There are several benefits to starting out this way.  The body size and shape of most electric guitars are smaller, lighter, and easier to manage… Continue Reading →

Electric Bass Guitar

Electric Bass Lessons for Beginners I enjoy the process of helpinig beginning level students develop the necessary skills on the electric bass so they can play in a band.  Some of my students have started learning guitar first and then… Continue Reading →

Meet Gordon Tibbits

Meet Gordon Tibbits – Owner/Instructor of Kenmore Guitar Lessons Hello, My name is Gordon Tibbits.  I’ve been teaching private guitar and bass lessons to students of all ages for over 30 years.  My teaching approach combines years of professional experience… Continue Reading →

Lesson Rates & Scheduling

Lesson Rates: $35 – half-hour lesson $50 – 45 minute lesson $65 – Hour lesson Tuition arrangements: Students/Parents will take care of tuition on a monthly basis on the first scheduled lesson of the month. Student’s monthly tuition amount will reflect… Continue Reading →

Teaching Philosophy

Here are several core beliefs that shape my philosophy on teaching lessons and student learning. Students enjoy learning when they receive support and validation from their teacher. It’s really important to me that students feel understood, accepted, and listened to… Continue Reading →

Studio Address/Directions

Kenmore Studio Address/Directions Location and driving distance are important considerations when choosing a private music teacher.   Especially in light of increased traffic and trying to fit lessons within existing work and after-school activites. Most of my students live approximately… Continue Reading →

Ukulele Lessons for Beginners

The ukulele is a very user-friendly instrument due to it’s smaller size, simple configuration, and ease of playing.  It’s not uncommon for students to be able to play simple melodies or complete songs after a few lessons.  I have also… Continue Reading →

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