Here are several facets of the lesson content that I focus on when working with each of my students:

  • Technique:  I help student’s establish proper right and left-hand technique.  I have also helped intermediate students by assessing and modifying their technique.
  • Music Literacy:  I help students learn how to read guitar tablature and standard music notation.   Learning to read music is challenging.  However, growth in this area affords students the ability to become independent learners and also effective participants in music groups.
  • Learning songs that compliment student interests:  I collaborate with students with choosing music that reflects their music interests.
  • Expanding musical boundaries:  It’s my intention to expand the musical universe of each of my students.
  • Understanding how music works (AKA – Music Theory):  I help students broaden their understanding of chords, rhythm, melody, music forms, and how they are inter-related.  I facilitate learning of theory by helping student’s experience it’s interworking in the songs they are learning.