Here is a brief description about my musical journey…..

I became interested in guitar at age 13 when wanting to start a band with my friends. Initially I attempted to learn on my own by gleaning information from books, magazines, and friends. Through self-study I was able to gain proficiency with basic chords and songs.  However, as I continued it became increasingly clear that I would need outside help in order to grow further as a guitarist.  It wasn’t long after that realization that I began private lessons with local teacher David O’ Suna.

In the fall of 1987 I was asked if I could help a neighbor learn guitar. I had never considered teaching but the idea of imparting what I had learned interested me. Soon, my first student quickly turned to 3 students. Eventually I was asked to teach guitar at Aurora Music Center (which used to be located near 185th and Aurora ave N).  Following this I have taught private lessons at 2 other music stores in the East Coast, Trinity Lutheran College, Kings Elementary, and schools within the Seattle and Edmonds School districts.  Additionally I was a director of a band program at Experience Music Project called “Experience the Band” which was a partnership with the Berklee school of Music in Boston.

In June of 2013 I relocated to Kenmore. Since then, I have been teaching students out of my home studio located minutes away from Lake Forest Park, Brier, and Bothell. I also continue to perform in several area bands, theater productions, and local churches (for more info visit After all these years I am still very much interested in discovering new approaches towards teaching guitar and helping students realize their potential.

Thank you for listening to my story.

Gordon Tibbits